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Contact an ICBC Accident Lawyer in Abbotsford for Help with Claims

After you’re involved in a car accident, you need to send a claim to your insurance company so you can receive compensation for any medical expenses, lost wages or pain and suffering caused by the accident. If you are a BC resident involved in a motor vehicle accident, your insurance claim will be handled through the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC), which provides universal auto insurance to BC motorists.

It’s highly recommended that you contact a lawyer before filing your claim with ICBC. Responsible for driver licensing as well as vehicle licensing and registration, ICBC is a company you’ve undoubtedly encountered before. However, going to get your license is a very different experience than putting in a claim after an accident. Making an ICBC claim can be tricky, but with the help of an ICBC lawyer in Abbotsford you’ll have the guidance you need to proceed. 

As an ICBC lawyer in Abbotsford and Langley, the office of Peter W. Unruh will be able to help you wade through the claim process so that you can recover the most damages for your accident injuries and emotional stress.

Why You Need an ICBC Lawyer in Abbotsford

If you sustain personal injuries from an automobile accident, a lawyer can protect you legally against ICBC so you can get the compensation you deserve. With in-depth knowledge of ICBC policies, an ICBC lawyer in Abbotsford will work promptly on your behalf to help make sure you don’t lose any benefits. 

Filing an ICBC claim can be difficult because, if any details are left out or embellished, ICBC can use the information to determine liability or argue that you’ve breached your insurance policy. Our team will be able to assess your situation, offer guidance, and:

  • Prepare and File Your Legal Case
  • Gather Facts about Your Claim
  • Interview and Take Statements from Witnesses
  • Potentially Hire Experts to Establish Liability
  • Consult with Specialists
  • Resolve Disputes with the Insurance Company
  • Get You the Compensation You Deserve 

If you’ve been in a collision or hit and run and have sustained injuries, contact the office of Peter W. Unruh. After an accident, insurance rates can increase and there can be license penalties, which is why the guidance of an ICBC lawyer in Abbotsford and Langley will be invaluable.

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